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Through the years…

Aaron Prill, Sr. Software Engineer

Tyler Technologies – Software Pro since 2001. Hired by Tyler Tech in 2004.

Technology Stack

Lover of C#, T-SQL, Git/Github (of course), and currently learning all things Amazon Web Services as our company heads full-steam into the cloud.

Still maintaining an enterprise-level VB6 app (ya, that’s Visual Basic 6.0 from the dark ages) as we transition clients to a new Tyler software solution (Read more about my work experience).

/* Each day is like a code block...
   You can see what is happening clearly as long as 
   there is a definite beginning, and a definite end.
bool brainFog;
if (good_night_sleep == true) {
  brainFog = false;
else {
  brainFog = true;

The cloud is just somebody else’s computer…
…in a highly secure facility…
redundantly supported in multiple availability zones…
…across many regions around the world.