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Through the years…

Work Experience

I have been with Tyler Technologies in the Bangor, Maine office since November of 2004.

Tyler Technologies (2004 to Present)

Senior Software Engineer (Since 2018)

I work in the Bangor, Maine office of Tyler Technologies (Local Government Division) as the Lead Developer and Product Manager of ADS Profund - a Fund Accounting software solution used by School Districts and Non-profits. We are actively migrating Profund clients to another Tyler Tech solution - School ERP Pro (formerly Infinite Visions), so current daily responsibilities are dominated by T-SQL scripting and other migration tasks.

My future goals are to move into cloud-based technologies, and am currently pursuing certifications in Amazon Web Services. (see certifications)

Development experience, both current and past, includes programming in Visual Basic 6, C# (WinForms and Web-based), Database programming (T-SQL), Amazon Web Services, AJAX, Crystal Reports, jQuery, CSS, Angular, PowerShell scripting, and whatever else comes my way.

Specialties: Visual Basic, C#, T-SQL, AWS.

Product Manager / Lead Software Developer (Since 2012)

Since 2012, I have served as the Lead Developer, DevOps Engineer, and Product Manager of the ADS Profund software solution. This application is a legacy ERP product built mostly in VB6 with a .Net wrapper coded in C#. I continue to maintain this product as we transition the remaining clients to a new Tyler software solution.

Software Developer (2004 to 2012)

In 2004, I began my career with Tyler Technologies as part of the sofware development team for ADS Profund while our company was still Advanced Data Systems. Tyler acquired ADS in February of 2007.

Previous Employment

For positions prior to my time with Tyler, of which there are just a few, check out my LinkedIn.